krunalrasik about

Things are not good or bad. They are just different from each other.

Growing up in the times of the mobile-wave and social-media revolution, I vowed to fight uncomfortable interfaces and battle confusion in all forms.

I am passionate about making complex interfaces approachable. As a product designer, I drive features and UI from concept to release. I wireframe layouts, design user flows, specify interactions and error conditions, and contribute to visual design. My goal is to create easy-to-understand, unobtrusive, platform-neutral, user-centered experiences that convey narrative and offer clear calls to action.

Ever since I opened Photoshop CS for the first time, I’ve been striving to improve my skills. Design of everyday things is my driving force.

Personal Brand

What do I do? Why do I do it? How do I do it?

Ownership   -  The What
I take ownership in...
  • Product vision
  • Creative solutions
  • Leadership
  • Effective collaboration
  • Coaching, guiding and inspiring
Passion   -  The Why 1
My passions are...
  • Seeking logical innovations
  • Exploitation and exploration
  • Reverse-engineering methodologies
  • Travel to meet new people and to learn about cultures
Values   -  The Why 2
I value...
  • Discipline and simplicity
  • Acting sustainable
  • Sophistication
  • Being organized
  • Time and commitments
Talents   -  The How
My talents are...
  • Quick, imaginative and strategic mind
  • High self-confidence
  • Independent and decisive
  • Hard-working and determind
  • Open-minded